Click it or Ticket

Click it or Ticket

I am one of those drivers who has never been given a ticket.

I’ve also never Netflix and Chilled but that’s another blog for another day.

This has always been something that when given the chance, I shout into the universe proudly. Well all of a sudden the universe has decided to team up  with my son to change all of that.

About a week or so ago we are leaving our neighborhood pool/splash pad on out way home when I come to a stop sign.

As I’m sitting there waiting for a car to pass I see movement out of the corner of my eye.  I pretty much know, Sawyer has once again taken it upon himself to remove his seat belt.

I swear that everything happens in a flash!

Sawyer turns around and kneels to look out the window because something has caught his attention. I go to get on to him and pull over when I see the tell, tell sign of red and blue flashing lights. It quickly becomes clear that the something that caught his attention was an officer driving behind us.

I’m instantly upset and disappointed all at once because Sawyer is fully aware that we wear seat belts to keep us safe in case there should be a wreck.

Also because I always imagined that when I had my first run in with a police I’ll look like a decent human and not have empty juice boxes, Cheerios and Pirate’s Bootys thrown everywhere.

I pull to the side of the road and Mr. Officer comes strolling up to my car “Ma’am I pulled you over because he isn’t buckled in which I could see as I was sitting behind you at the stop sign “. Before I even have the chance to launch into my plea Sawyer is attempting to climb over the seat to inquire if I shall be receiving a ticket.

He gives a little chuckle and walks off to make sure I’m not a wanted criminal. He comes back shortly to explain how I’m only getting a warning and I need to be more aware of his safety! I thank him and quickly exit the car to buckle Sawyer back into his seat.

At this point he thinks it is the greatest thing that we were pulled over and tells me how he’s going to tell daddy! Fast Forward to last night as I’m diving home and once again I get pulled over. Sawyer is attempting to inform this police officer about the last police officer and I’m being let off with another warning.

Well universe Sawyer will soon have a nice new seat belt buckle guard (thanks Amazon!) and I’m still ticket free!!

The Greatness behind Humor in the Hustle

In order for you to know us better we want to take a moment to give you more information about us!

Meet Whitney

Hello All!  My name is Whitney Felty, I have been married two years but have been with my now husband for six years prior to that. I gave the man of my dreams two kids, a house, my tiny body, and my entire youth before he would marry me.

Together we have three gloriously different children. Parker is 7, and going into second grade. She is sensitive, extremely smart(sometimes too smart for her own good), has a heart of gold, and is improving daily on her moves like Jagger. Chandler is 4 and probably my most difficult one. Chandler is defiant, stubborn, strong willed, hilarious, beautiful, and makes me wonder where the hell she gets things from which you all will learn about with my “Chandler Chronicles”. Austin is my only boy, my sweet 18 month old son. My husband and I fought on his name my entire pregnancy because of my relationship with other children named Austin while working in childcare the last twelve years. When I was 8 months, my father called to inform me that my husband will not get a lot of things in life, especially while living with three women, and this is the one thing I needed to let him have(you guys will also find out how important my father is to me and my life as well). Austin is all boy, he loves his momma, loves food, and I cannot wait to see the man he becomes.

I have worked in early childhood education since I was 18 and enjoy every minute of it. Of course, with any job, there are days where I just want to walk out the front door, but the families and children that we care for on a daily basis make it worth the “hustle”every single day. I cannot wait to share my stories, and hope y’all enjoy reading them as much as I love telling them.

Meet Robin

Hey Guys, my name is Robin Barber! I’m just going to let everyone know right upfront. I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a vegan mom! I’m happily unmarried to the man of my dreams (at least for the next 7 weeks) and we are complete opposites. I’m Target and he’s Walmart, I’m a herbivore and he’s a carnivore, I’m black and he’s white. Sometimes we go together like peanut butter and jelly and other times like water and oil. We are raising two beautiful biracial children who are the center of our world. Alessandra ( Ally) is 4 soon to be 5 with hair almost as big as her personality and has artistic skills that put my stick figures to shame. She loves all things mermaid and has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Sawyer is 3 going on 13  and he’s that kid. The one who owns any room they walk into, has to do things their own way and negotiates every dinner and bedtime. I’ve worked in early childhood education for 9 years and it’s gone from being a job to a passion. I’m so excited to share my daily adventures and sometimes downright comical “hustle” with y’all.

Meet Mariah

Now its time for you to meet me, Mariah! I think that it is safe to say that I am the LOUD one, I don’t mean to be, but it just comes naturally. Sarcasm is another thing that comes naturally to me as well. I am going to say that at least 75% of what I say is sarcasm. My kids remind me on a daily basis that I have passed my “loudness” trait onto my two children, Jonah and Judah. They may look like my husband, but they sound just like me. :)You may think that with their names being so similar  they are twins, but I actually waited 5 years to have Judah; every now and then I rethink my name choices especially when I am being “firm” with them BUT what can I do about it now?

There is no denying that I embrace mom life to the fullest, a top bun and a t-shirt are two of my favorite things. Somehow my husband has also embraced my  #momlife lifestyle and has cut me some slack on my wife duties. If we are being real here, he is the one that does the laundry(WHAT!!!).  I am a”fro”nomenal guru, the bigger the hair the better, your pinterest queen, and I enjoy being creative. Most anything I put my mind to I can create or accomplish(unless your looking for a drawing then Whitney is your girl).

I began my career in early childhood education 11 years ago because I wanted to be a teacher. Although my dynamics have changed I am grateful everyday I am able to use my creativity to influence and grow our future generation. That is just a little bit about who I am, but as you follow our blog you will learn TONS more about me (and Whitney and Robin). Welcome to Humor in the Hustle, where we are funny and unfiltered. GET READY!