Elf on the Shelf: Chloe and “P” as in Peter



elf on the shelf
Elf on the shelf party

Elf on Shelf has arrived.

December is finally here.

While I believe in savoring each holiday I’m definitely guilty of peeking around Thanksgiving for all the festivities that will trail behind!

I’m especially excited for this Christmas.

This year Michael and I decided the kids were old enough to finally have an Elf on the Shelf.

Since it was our first year our brown eyed boy and girl elves arrived a week early for a small introduction party and brought treats and a letter from Santa.

After reading our letter we sat down and read all about our elves and how one of the most important rules was that we could not touch them or they would lose their magic. Well of course Sawyer heard a form of no and immediately reached his little hand out, sooo we read it again.

Next we picked out our names.

Ally was pretty easy, she immediately decided she wanted to name her elf “Chloe”. Sawyer also immediately  thought of his elf’s name and proudly announced that it will be “Pee!!”.

I responded with “P as in Peter?” in my best Sesame Street impersonation and his little head nodded in agreement so Peter it was!

As soon as the kids were out of sight our elves flew off for the evening only to return for mischievous and entertaining adventures while we were sleeping.

Night 1 they had a nice little marshmallow roast.

Which prompted a long Q & A about if the marshmallows could be eaten or not.

Elf on the Shelf

The next morning we found our elves making sprinkle angels.

The kids were alarmed at how big of a mess it was and how I (not their dad or themselves) was going to have to clean it.

Elf on the Shelf in sprinkles
Next they had a lovely bath!

Which brought back our Q & A from the first night!

Elf on the Shelf bath
By Friday morning our elves had decided to do a little decorating for the 1st day of December.

Definitely looks like there’s going to be a lot of clean up for mommy to do the next 23 days!

Elf on the Shelf decorating

What are some of your best elf on the shelf moments?



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Embracing the Extra


Embracing the Extra

(especially in #momlife)

There a lot of things in life that I love that are extra.

-Extra Coffee in the morning.
-Extra time to sleep in.
-Extra rice on my Chipotle Burrito Bowl.
-Extra money in my back account.


My kids though, are so extra!

If you want to read some background on the extra, Catch up on it HERE.

You know that saying… save your drama for your mama?

My kids, definitely save it all for me ( and my husband).

I’m talking to Whitney the other day, she has a daughter a year older than my son, and I ask her

” Does the extra-ness ever stop?”

Without even skipping a beat, she says “NO, the extra just changes.”

If you are unsure what I mean about being extra, let me give you just a couple of my DAILY extra moments.

For my daughter, everything deserves a scream and the word “NO.”

Judah laughing. humorinthehustle

You can ask her ” Are you beautiful?” and she will not hesitate and say “NO”.

We have been working really hard on the word YES, but NO just rolls off her tongue more easily.

If she is happy, mad, sad, excited, sleepy, she. is. SCREAMING.  To add to it, she has the best scream too; it is the loudest, most high pitched, and  ear piercing scream EVER.

There is no way you can miss her.

I can’t even give her my stern mom eye in public, because she instantaneously screams and then all attention is on me…. like I am the person in the wrong. She was the one being rude to ME! 🙂

I know that majority of her extra is because she is almost two, it is developmentally appropriate, but some of it I feel may be her character. lol.

We are so in for it with her.

I say it all the time about her ” It is a good thing she is super cute because she is a hot mess.”

My son is a whole different kind of extra.

Jonah laughing. humorinthehustle
He takes any simple situation or questions and magnifies it by at least eight hundred.

The other day, around bed time, he magically has a cut on his hand “that hurts really bad.” I am looking up and down searching for this awful cut that is keeping him from going to sleep.

” It hurt so bad [he] can’t concentrate on sleeping!”

So I ask Jonah ” Do we need to take you to the doctor for the cut I can’t see on your hand?”

He tells me no. And I say ” Good. cause the doctor would of told you to suck it up.”


Jonah replies, with the most serious look on his face ” But mom, how do you suck it up?”

So then I had to have the conversation and explain it’s a  saying that people use occasionally that meant you will be alright.

Example number two of extra. Doing Jonah’s hair.

Jonah has the most beautiful curly hair EVER.

He has the kind of hair that girls and women lust over. The kind of hair that I am struggling to achieve for my daughter. It’s just not fair he has all that hair and she is struggling.  At the age of two I was putting his hair into a pony tail because he has SO.MUCH.HAIR.

At this point, he has minimal hair. He has a little hair on the sides and his curls on top. Doing his hair takes MAYBE two seconds. Okay, maybe thirty seconds to be fair. But I need y’all to understand my point.

As we are rushing to go to school, cause that’s what we do in the mornings, I am scrambling to get his hair done so we can get out the door.

I nudge him in front of the mirror, on his arm to see his hair. And it was a nudge. Jonah holds his arm and proceeds to fall to the ground.

I swear his fall happened in slow motion.

There was not enough force in my nudge for him to fall to the ground. And especially not enough for him to fall in the manner that he did.

The way that he fell reminds me of the time, in high school, when I had basketball practice with the boys and the ball was thrown at my face. I had no idea the ball was coming. The basketball knocked me straight in the head and knocked me right over. Next thing I knew, I was looking up surrounded by faces. Embarrassing. *sigh*

That is the kind of fall that Jonah used.

Sibling love. humorinthehustle

Currently, I just got done refereeing a dispute between my kids. They were both on the couch and my beautiful little daughter kicked Jonah in the back.  The action of her feet/kicking motion was more of an exercise move where you lay and hold you feet together and move them up and down. But her feet ended up on Jonah *eye roll*.

So, Guess who retreats to the room crying…. NOT my beautiful little daughter. NOPE.

She is trying to use her fake cry with me for some remorse, but it is not going to work on me, right now.( good thing she’s cute).

With all that being said.  Each day my kids are growing and changing. Like Whitney said, their extra-ness just changes. But one day, when they are older, I am going to miss it.

So today, and every day I choose to reflect on those moments, embrace them, and laugh.

And when laughing doesn’t solve the problem… there is always wine.

I’ve also realized while typing and reading this, that I may be a little extra myself.

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Adventures of Family Vacation

Adventures of a Family Vacation

 A Road trip to San Antonio

We Got Married!!! So naturally we decide that we want to take sometime off from reality and as a family go on a nice little vacation.

After going back and forward we decide on a few days in San Antonio. San Antonio has something for the entire family.

Michael, my HUSBAND, wanted to make the most out of our trip so he thought it would be a good idea to leave Thursday night after we got off.  That way we can drive down(5hrs) check in that night and have the next full day.

On the other side of this decision is me. Just smiling, nodding and thinking it all sounds simple and easy to accomplish.

We all know better than that, including me currently as I am nodding and smiling.

Michael makes  it home by 630.

By the time we pack the car  and we’re on our way it’s 845.

We’re still an hour out because Decatur (our fur baby!) has to be taken 45minutes out of the way to his “aunts” house.

At 930 we drop Decatur off, settle him in,  and we are on our way.

This is where our fun begins y’all.

Michael decides that it would be quicker to take the highway instead of the major freeway that leads straight there. At this point I’m no longer on the other side of these decisions just nodding and smiling.

I’m side eyeing hardcore.

Michael volunteers to drive the first part of the way while I get a little rest.  All I have to do is just drive the 2nd part while he does the same.

Well, there I am sleeping my worries away when I hear a loud bang as if someone took a bat to the car.  Simultaneously I hear Michael dropping “F” bombs everywhere.

I jolt out of my sleep in “kick ass” mode.

I look around and Michael is still driving like the past few seconds haven’t happened.

So in my calmest adrenaline spiked voice I ask “What the fuck happened?”

He replies “oh, a deer hit the side of the car” like it’s a normal everyday occurrence!

Of course I have questions “why did the deer hit the car?” “Is he still alive” “why is this such a normalcy to you!?”.

His reply to all of these questions is “that deer was an asshole”.


We legit have dents in the side of our car and later decide to take the main highway since we kept seeing deer.



Here is to marriage and happily ever after.

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Top 8 Reasons Fall ain’t gettin us Down

Top 8 Reasons Fall Ain’t getting us Down

Fall aint getting us down And you shouldn’t let it get you down either

This site may contain affiliate links. Which means if you buy something through our links we could be compensated for it.

Oh my Gourd! We love Fall.

A lot of people dread the Fall season. Fall means the cold is coming which inevitably means the Holiday seasons are near. Also, it means a billion and one family gatherings.  🙂

Stop. Breathe. We are going to make it through!

There are so many reasons to love Fall. Even though its still in the 90’s here in Texas, it doesn’t stop us from stepping out with our tights and boots, cuddling a pumpkin spice latte.

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Kids have a lasting Impact

Kids have a lasting impact!

I have learned that every kid has a lasting impact on who I am.

Working in childcare has SO many perks. Here are just a few:

  • You establish lifelong friendships for your kids.
  • Meet amazing families that would literally take you in as family.
  • Every kid you interact with have an everlasting impact on you (even if some are stinks)

This week at work while reminiscing about children who have aged out, one in particular came to mind, Jasper. Jasper was eccentric.

Jasper had you guessing everyday if it was going to be a wonderful end of the rainbow pot of gold kind of day or drag you down the sewer red balloon kind of day.

But that’s what made him so remarkable. Crazy how one kid can do that??

The two stories I’m going  to share are probably the two of five moments as an adult I could not contain my laughter in a situation that I should have.

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A Poem for Husbands

My Dear Husband….

You provide, you care

You frequently walk around in just underwear.

You mow the yard, clean up that mess

But then come inside and expect I do less.

You sleep in, I stay up late

If you could help out sometimes, well that would be great.

You think working and spending money on me is key,

But honestly all I want is to just BE.

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My Heart Says Wine

Exercise to extra fries.

Loosing weight naturally

I once said in my 100lbs recently lost body that losing weight naturally was one of the hardest things I had ever gone through.

I was completely wrong! Losing weight then gaining 70% of it back only to attempt losing it again plus some is by far worse!

I’m sure there are those who wonder how it happens, how you go from exercise to extra fries.

Well I’m not sure about others but I have my own special little recipe.

1c. Divorce
1c. No time
1c. life
1/2c. French fries
1/2c. Added sugars
1/4c. Avoidance
1 tsp I’ll start tomorrow

Mix it all together and you have 2 years of hard work and dedication ruined!

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What the F#$* Did You Just Say?

Early Childhood education is an ongoing adventure.

I have a lot of great and humorous stories!

Anytime I tell stories of my early childhood education adventures, I always get the question…


YES, this really happened.

These stories, no matter how extravagant they may sound, are true. I can retell them 100 times and they would still be told the same.

Children are amazing, and there are always those “memories” that you keep from them.

Throughout our JOURNEY together, I, Whitney Felty, will tell stories that are true, have happened, they are not fabricated.

(of course will not be using the real name of the child when doing so.)


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Back to School

The first week of back to school has finally ended.

Thank Goodness!!!

When children go back to school it means a lot of things for us. As a mom it means, I now have to get up an hour and a half earlier than I usually do, pack lunches, and listen to how cold Jonah is every morning.

It is inevitable that every morning when I wake up Jonah says to me ” I am just so cold”. He then throws himself on the couch to procrastinate for five more minutes.

Taking Jonah to school instead of him just coming to work with me. I have the luxury of taking my kids with me to work because I work at a child care facility. Which is beyond convenient.

Somehow we make it to school on time even though everyday we wake up later and later. Good thing we live super close, like I should probably walk Jonah to school, BUT I don’t.

As an educator, it means that I have to transition my facility from summer to the school year.  On the bright side it means that every precious little afterschooler that was there in the summer gets sent BACK TO SCHOOL(yaaaasssss).

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What is a 4 Year Olds Etiquette?

What is a 4 Year Olds Etiquette?

So we have all heard of my sweet Chandler by now?!?

Three times this week she has corrected me and actually made sense of it.

All three times she was being a complete shit.

“A complete shit is defined as a child who has no intentions of pulling their shit together in the moment.”

First, Chandler was acting up in the doctors office for her brother Austin’s appointment. Not only was she singing “This Girl Is On Fire” at the top if her lungs but spinning the doctors chair, opening cabinets, etc.

Obviously I’m tired of threatening her with her dad, so I say “I’m never taking you anywhere that’s not specified for you again.”

Without missing a beat Chandler says “Well, me and Bubba go to the same school so you have to take me somewhere specifically for him.”

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