Seven Mom Resolutions

Seven Mom Resolutions…

Resolutions To my kids…from me.

Here it is the beginning of February and I am finally thinking about what I want out of this year.
Not just for me but for my kids; ok. mainly my kids.

Most of the time we, MOMs, set goals for ourselves.

I mean I’m trying to be fine by thirty, which is in six months, so one of my goals should be… loosing this “baby weight”(Judah is two ).

But I came to the realization that when I set or even think about new goals it always has a focus of me.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on me.

In fact, Robin just wrote a blog about not forgetting herself.

There are many times I’m just like fuck it and don’t set goals at all.

This year, I wanted to do something different; try something new.

New Year, New Me! Right?

I’m new every year lol.

This year I made goals for myself AND goals to my children.

These goals are  things I want to do for them.

I went back and forth on how many I wanted to write.

So, I managed to come up with seven. odd number but whatever.
Here they are.

Create Meaningful Moments

This one I feel like will probably evolve by the end of the year because I think it
can encompass a lot of various things.

I want my children to experience life and create moments that they will remember.
And if they don’t or can’t remember, I want to create moments that I can remember.

When they get bigger and they ask me something about when they were younger I want to give them the best memory that I have of it.


I hate to admit this but I have to think about their first words.

With Jonah, the first word I vividly remember hearing him say was “outside” but I am not positive that was his first word.

Judah’s is certainly “HI”.

I should remember stuff like this… I am their MOM! Do y’all forget things like this?

There are some ways I think I can go about doing this in everyday life.

⁃ Reading more books together at night ⁃ Turning the TV off an hour before bed time and doing an activity. Playing a game, coloring, playing with playdough,etc.

Because if we’re real here, life can get away from us and then moments are gone.

Creating traditions.

And not just at holidays.

Holidays are the obvious ones.

And honestly, I’m not sure what a non holiday tradition could be.

Fiesta Friday..?
Where you eat Mexican food every Friday!? I don’t know BUT I’ll figure it out. 🙂

Be more present.

How the hell am I going to do that in 2018!?

My life is so consumed with being on my phone/tv that I probably, actually I know, I miss Meaningful moments(totally just had an “aha” moment there).

So it’s time to step away from my phone. Whhhaaat!?

I read somewhere to not charge your phone in your room.

This helps you to not be tempted to be on it all night, and signal to your body is time to wind down.

I think I will do something similar to this.

I’ll plug my phone/put it away in at specific time every night. In an area away from me. That way my focus is my family.

Find time for my family.

Which is really hard right now. I work at least eight hours a day and when I get home it’s usually six o clock, at the earliest.

I know I miss tons when I’m not home.

I’m fortunate enough to take my youngest child to work with me, but the teachers are still doing the “mom part” for me.

My husband picks up both my kids, which is amazing, but it also means when they’re home, I’m not.

So I miss a lot.

Finding time for my family may mean changing a few things, which is scary but may be necessary to meet this goal. We will see

Be Patient.

Ok this is weird.

I work in a childcare facility where I am constantly dealing with issues pertaining to children or staff, but children more specifically, and I am beyond patient.

Not to toot my own horn or anything. *toot toot*

A child could be screaming in my ear, and I’ll just type away, work on my work, until they are ready to talk to me.

I can repeat myself five hundred and eighty three times and not give a damn in the world.

But if I have to repeat myself twice to my kid, it bothers the hell out of me.

WHHHY!?? I just told you to brush your teeth eighty times IN.A.ROW! and it is STILL not done.

Did I use up all my patience at work!???

Let me give you an example….

The kids are getting in bed the other night.

Jonah has this shirt on… that he’s been wearing all flipping day.

Don’t judge, he’s just sleeping why do I have to put a clean shirt on him to sleep!?

As soon as his head hits the pillow and he’s all tucked in, I’ve kissed him goodnight, and the lights are off. Jonah pops out of bed and says…

“Mom my shirt itches, can I go ahead and change it!?”

You’ve been wearing that shirt all day, it just now itches!?

When you’re going to bed!?

Just go back to bed!

Now, should I have let him change his shirt? I don’t know, maybe.

Should I have been more patient with him, YES 100 percent. I’m trying.

Capture moments every day.

This doesn’t necessarily mean taking a picture of my kids every day AND it doesn’t
mean just my kids.

My world is my kids so ninety percent will be my kids, but I’m going to leave that other ten percent open for my husband and I, or whatever  I want, cause…YOLO.

I have the worst memory, which I’m going to blame on post pregnancy brain (my kids
are 7 and almost 2) but I can’t remember shit.

I’m going to write more here, on the blog, and in my journal Look its SUPER cute. !

Because when I am gone, my kids can still have a piece of me, something concrete, so they can have a glance on my outlook of them.

Obviously I will take more pictures.

I really want to find a camera I can carry with me so I don’t have to rely on my phone. If any one has suggestions on small cameras I would love to know.

Love purposefully.

Every night I make it a point to tell my kids ” I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Which is a loving gesture but is routine.

Does that make sense?

They know it’s coming, I do it every night.

Sometimes life can be so crazy that things can become too routine.

There is nothing wrong with routine, if anyone knows that I do.

But because routine is so expected, the I love you at night can become monotonous.

Do I mean it when i say it at night!? Yes!

But I want my kids to have more then just a memory of telling them I love them
at night.

I read somewhere( I guess I read a lot) that as kids get older they are shown less
affection. So I’m making a conscious decision to be more affectionate and loving
towards my kids.

I’m sure that as the year progresses these goals will evolve and probably change.

I am excited to see how I accomplish these goals and how they will benefit my

Not just now but in the future as well.

Just heard “hey bubba”from down the hall.

So that’s my queue, it’s time to mom.


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Embracing the Extra

Embracing the Extra

(especially in #momlife)

There a lot of things in life that I love that are extra.

-Extra Coffee in the morning.
-Extra time to sleep in.
-Extra rice on my Chipotle Burrito Bowl.
-Extra money in my back account.


My kids though, are so extra!

If you want to read some background on the extra, Catch up on it HERE.

You know that saying… save your drama for your mama?

My kids, definitely save it all for me ( and my husband).

I’m talking to Whitney the other day, she has a daughter a year older than my son, and I ask her

” Does the extra-ness ever stop?”

Without even skipping a beat, she says “NO, the extra just changes.”

If you are unsure what I mean about being extra, let me give you just a couple of my DAILY extra moments.

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Top 8 Reasons Fall ain’t gettin us Down

Top 8 Reasons Fall Ain’t getting us Down

Fall aint getting us down And you shouldn’t let it get you down either

This site may contain affiliate links. Which means if you buy something through our links we could be compensated for it.

Oh my Gourd! We love Fall.

A lot of people dread the Fall season. Fall means the cold is coming which inevitably means the Holiday seasons are near. Also, it means a billion and one family gatherings.  🙂

Stop. Breathe. We are going to make it through!

There are so many reasons to love Fall. Even though its still in the 90’s here in Texas, it doesn’t stop us from stepping out with our tights and boots, cuddling a pumpkin spice latte.

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Painting Bathroom Vanity-DIY

Painting a Bathroom Vanity.

Painting Details by a DIYer!

This site may contain affiliate links. Which means if you buy something through our links we could be compensated for it.

There are lots of things that I am good at in life.

I am good at sleeping, procrastinating, cussing,  and sarcasm. These are just a few of the many things that I pride myself in.

One of the best qualities I possess is I can “DIY” anything. You name it, I got ya covered.

Every time I see something in Hobby Lobby that is super cute, my first thought is ” I can make that.”

Actually, those words come right of my mouth, loud and proud, if we are being honest! AND we are.

Recently, my front/guest bathroom is frequently getting more use since my sister and lead singer are living with us. Since we rarely use the guest bathroom, I put minimal work and effort into it.

I threw up a navy striped shower curtain, and just kind of left it at that. I didn’t see the need of making something cute when we literally never use the guest bathroom.

Needless to say, the bathroom is plain and needs some update, so its more astatically pleasing. Everything in the bathroom is white. The cabinets are white, the counter top is white,  and the walls are white.

I think you get my point.

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Back to School

The first week of back to school has finally ended.

Thank Goodness!!!

When children go back to school it means a lot of things for us. As a mom it means, I now have to get up an hour and a half earlier than I usually do, pack lunches, and listen to how cold Jonah is every morning.

It is inevitable that every morning when I wake up Jonah says to me ” I am just so cold”. He then throws himself on the couch to procrastinate for five more minutes.

Taking Jonah to school instead of him just coming to work with me. I have the luxury of taking my kids with me to work because I work at a child care facility. Which is beyond convenient.

Somehow we make it to school on time even though everyday we wake up later and later. Good thing we live super close, like I should probably walk Jonah to school, BUT I don’t.

As an educator, it means that I have to transition my facility from summer to the school year.  On the bright side it means that every precious little afterschooler that was there in the summer gets sent BACK TO SCHOOL(yaaaasssss).

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The Struggle Bus

All aboard the struggle bus!!

Where we struggle everyday and just enjoy the ride.

I was going to write the little choo choo noise, but just realized that was for a train and we are on a bus.

There has been a lot of change in our family recently, and with every new change is a new adventure.
We are a family of four; My husband, my two children, and myself. Recently we have grown to a family of six, and no I did not have twins.

For a while I had been offering my sister, Darah, the spare bedroom in the front of the house if she wanted to move in with us. Back in May she finally moved in. In fact she took my boring plain white extra bedroom and redid it to this cool grey and navy artsy bedroom; it has a great vibe.

Adding Darah into the mix was a big adjustment, but probably a bigger adjustment for her because she was in OUR dynamics now. You know that dynamic? The one with two screaming kids that live in a house? She’s my sister, we have lived together before, in fact we shared a bedroom for a good chunk of our lives, sooooo no big deal. No big deal is what I thought anyway.Darah moves in right at the end of school. So she had to get used to me constantly saying “Jonah, get your shoes on” or ” Don’t forget to brush your teeth” every morning. Because lets be honest, Jonah is six, and it is hard to get him to focus on anything for more than 2.5 seconds.

Just as things are starting to settle down (as calm as they can be) and we are getting into the groove of things, a sixth person strolls into our lives.

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The Greatness behind Humor in the Hustle

In order for you to know us better we want to take a moment to give you more information about us!

Meet Whitney

Hello All!  My name is Whitney Felty, I have been married two years but have been with my now husband for six years prior to that. I gave the man of my dreams two kids, a house, my tiny body, and my entire youth before he would marry me.

Together we have three gloriously different children. Parker is 7, and going into second grade. She is sensitive, extremely smart(sometimes too smart for her own good), has a heart of gold, and is improving daily on her moves like Jagger. Chandler is 4 and probably my most difficult one. Chandler is defiant, stubborn, strong willed, hilarious, beautiful, and makes me wonder where the hell she gets things from which you all will learn about with my “Chandler Chronicles”. Austin is my only boy, my sweet 18 month old son. My husband and I fought on his name my entire pregnancy because of my relationship with other children named Austin while working in childcare the last twelve years. When I was 8 months, my father called to inform me that my husband will not get a lot of things in life, especially while living with three women, and this is the one thing I needed to let him have(you guys will also find out how important my father is to me and my life as well). Austin is all boy, he loves his momma, loves food, and I cannot wait to see the man he becomes.

I have worked in early childhood education since I was 18 and enjoy every minute of it. Of course, with any job, there are days where I just want to walk out the front door, but the families and children that we care for on a daily basis make it worth the “hustle”every single day. I cannot wait to share my stories, and hope y’all enjoy reading them as much as I love telling them.

Meet Robin

Hey Guys, my name is Robin Barber! I’m just going to let everyone know right upfront. I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a vegan mom! I’m happily unmarried to the man of my dreams (at least for the next 7 weeks) and we are complete opposites. I’m Target and he’s Walmart, I’m a herbivore and he’s a carnivore, I’m black and he’s white. Sometimes we go together like peanut butter and jelly and other times like water and oil. We are raising two beautiful biracial children who are the center of our world. Alessandra ( Ally) is 4 soon to be 5 with hair almost as big as her personality and has artistic skills that put my stick figures to shame. She loves all things mermaid and has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Sawyer is 3 going on 13  and he’s that kid. The one who owns any room they walk into, has to do things their own way and negotiates every dinner and bedtime. I’ve worked in early childhood education for 9 years and it’s gone from being a job to a passion. I’m so excited to share my daily adventures and sometimes downright comical “hustle” with y’all.

Meet Mariah

Now its time for you to meet me, Mariah! I think that it is safe to say that I am the LOUD one, I don’t mean to be, but it just comes naturally. Sarcasm is another thing that comes naturally to me as well. I am going to say that at least 75% of what I say is sarcasm. My kids remind me on a daily basis that I have passed my “loudness” trait onto my two children, Jonah and Judah. They may look like my husband, but they sound just like me. :)You may think that with their names being so similar  they are twins, but I actually waited 5 years to have Judah; every now and then I rethink my name choices especially when I am being “firm” with them BUT what can I do about it now?

There is no denying that I embrace mom life to the fullest, a top bun and a t-shirt are two of my favorite things. Somehow my husband has also embraced my  #momlife lifestyle and has cut me some slack on my wife duties. If we are being real here, he is the one that does the laundry(WHAT!!!).  I am a”fro”nomenal guru, the bigger the hair the better, your pinterest queen, and I enjoy being creative. Most anything I put my mind to I can create or accomplish(unless your looking for a drawing then Whitney is your girl).

I began my career in early childhood education 11 years ago because I wanted to be a teacher. Although my dynamics have changed I am grateful everyday I am able to use my creativity to influence and grow our future generation. That is just a little bit about who I am, but as you follow our blog you will learn TONS more about me (and Whitney and Robin). Welcome to Humor in the Hustle, where we are funny and unfiltered. GET READY!


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