You Say Hydrate, I Say Rosé!

You say Hydrate, I say Rose

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I say Rose
I say Rose

In 2017 our family went through so many changes!

Michael and I got married, I changed jobs, we moved (twice!).Ally and Sawyer learned to ride bikes with no training wheels (at the age of 3&4).Ally lost her first tooth. We officially decided we were ready to start trying for baby #3 to add to our family!

With so many memories made and getting settled in our new home we were ready for 2018.


2018 is The Year of I Will!

January 1st. has always been one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a holiday, the beginning of my birthday month and the world just feels like it’s been refreshed.

It’s also that day of “new year, new me” which means this is the year we make the resolution to eat right, exercise and stay hydrated on rosé all day….I mean water….stay hydrated on water.

Each year, along with the world, I always make those same resolutions to myself.

I don’t share them with others because I think deep down I know I don’t want to be held accountable for it when I completely give up on them come Jan 2nd!

(I have commitment issues but that’s a post for another day).

I don’t want to make those same goals for myself this year, instead I just want to do more of what makes me happy; mind, body and soul.

So I acquired a few essentials for the new year and wrote down my list for things I WILL accomplish this year!

I WILL take more bubble baths!

Y’all they are so damn calming, especially when paired with candle light and an amazing bath bomb. My personal favorite is lush intergalactic bath bomb!

I WILL step outside of my comfort zone.

Michael often tells me that I live in a bubble and at times it needs to be popped.

I WILL make a beautiful home instead of just pinning them.

I recently purchased  “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm” by Liz Fourez and “The Year of Cozy” by Adrianna Adarme and I swear they were each love at first page!

touch of farmhouse charm
I WILL journal! Thoughts are so powerful and to be able to sit and convey them into meaningful writing is one of the most beautiful things to me.

I know it doesn’t always come easy so I am enjoying 52 List for Happiness series by Moore Seal, which offers weekly Journal inspiration and the absolute perfect thing for just those moments.

52 List for Happiness
I WILL take time for MYSELF more!

Last year I became that mom. The one where my entire existence was centered around the kids or Michael.

From the time I wake up till the time I drag myself to bed.

I know it is normal to have your children be 95% of your life.

I also know that when you don’t take that time for yourself you can end up running on empty and as the saying goes “you can’t pour from an empty cup”.

I WILL try new things.
House Wine

The perfect example is “The House Wine”.

Once long ago I made the foolish decision of trying box wine and 3hrs after hugging a toilet, I told myself my wine would only come from glass bottles.

Yet after numerous times of passing by this little can at my local grocery store AND working through my trust issues, I finally gave in and I definitely don’t regret it.

I WILL love myself from the inside out!

People assume that being vegan I must automatically just eat fruits and veggies all day. That has definitely not been the case here lately (Oreos are vegan!).

I stopped nourishing my body and keeping it well rested and hydrated….on water. So to get myself back to that point I purchased…

“Eat Beautiful” by Wendy Rowe.

It is full of healthy recipes for each season of the year.

“Eat Pretty” by Jolene Hart

Which is a great 40 day journal to reset your self and your daily habits when it comes to nourishment.

And last but not least…

I WILL work on having strong meaningful relationships with all the amazing people in my life who love and support me.
My friends, my husband and our amazing children.

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