Embracing the Extra

Embracing the Extra

(especially in #momlife)

There a lot of things in life that I love that are extra.

-Extra Coffee in the morning.
-Extra time to sleep in.
-Extra rice on my Chipotle Burrito Bowl.
-Extra money in my back account.


My kids though, are so extra!

If you want to read some background on the extra, Catch up on it HERE.

You know that saying… save your drama for your mama?

My kids, definitely save it all for me ( and my husband).

I’m talking to Whitney the other day, she has a daughter a year older than my son, and I ask her

” Does the extra-ness ever stop?”

Without even skipping a beat, she says “NO, the extra just changes.”

If you are unsure what I mean about being extra, let me give you just a couple of my DAILY extra moments.

For my daughter, everything deserves a scream and the word “NO.”

Judah laughing. humorinthehustle

You can ask her ” Are you beautiful?” and she will not hesitate and say “NO”.

We have been working really hard on the word YES, but NO just rolls off her tongue more easily.

If she is happy, mad, sad, excited, sleepy, she. is. SCREAMING.  To add to it, she has the best scream too; it is the loudest, most high pitched, and  ear piercing scream EVER.

There is no way you can miss her.

I can’t even give her my stern mom eye in public, because she instantaneously screams and then all attention is on me…. like I am the person in the wrong. She was the one being rude to ME! 🙂

I know that majority of her extra is because she is almost two, it is developmentally appropriate, but some of it I feel may be her character. lol.

We are so in for it with her.

I say it all the time about her ” It is a good thing she is super cute because she is a hot mess.”

My son is a whole different kind of extra.

Jonah laughing. humorinthehustle
He takes any simple situation or questions and magnifies it by at least eight hundred.

The other day, around bed time, he magically has a cut on his hand “that hurts really bad.” I am looking up and down searching for this awful cut that is keeping him from going to sleep.

” It hurt so bad [he] can’t concentrate on sleeping!”

So I ask Jonah ” Do we need to take you to the doctor for the cut I can’t see on your hand?”

He tells me no. And I say ” Good. cause the doctor would of told you to suck it up.”

Jonah replies, with the most serious look on his face ” But mom, how do you suck it up?”

So then I had to have the conversation and explain it’s a  saying that people use occasionally that meant you will be alright.

Example number two of extra. Doing Jonah’s hair.

Jonah has the most beautiful curly hair EVER.

He has the kind of hair that girls and women lust over. The kind of hair that I am struggling to achieve for my daughter. It’s just not fair he has all that hair and she is struggling.  At the age of two I was putting his hair into a pony tail because he has SO.MUCH.HAIR.

At this point, he has minimal hair. He has a little hair on the sides and his curls on top. Doing his hair takes MAYBE two seconds. Okay, maybe thirty seconds to be fair. But I need y’all to understand my point.

As we are rushing to go to school, cause that’s what we do in the mornings, I am scrambling to get his hair done so we can get out the door.

I nudge him in front of the mirror, on his arm to see his hair. And it was a nudge. Jonah holds his arm and proceeds to fall to the ground.

I swear his fall happened in slow motion.

There was not enough force in my nudge for him to fall to the ground. And especially not enough for him to fall in the manner that he did.

The way that he fell reminds me of the time, in high school, when I had basketball practice with the boys and the ball was thrown at my face. I had no idea the ball was coming. The basketball knocked me straight in the head and knocked me right over. Next thing I knew, I was looking up surrounded by faces. Embarrassing. *sigh*

That is the kind of fall that Jonah used.

Sibling love. humorinthehustle

Currently, I just got done refereeing a dispute between my kids. They were both on the couch and my beautiful little daughter kicked Jonah in the back.  The action of her feet/kicking motion was more of an exercise move where you lay and hold you feet together and move them up and down. But her feet ended up on Jonah *eye roll*.

So, Guess who retreats to the room crying…. NOT my beautiful little daughter. NOPE.

She is trying to use her fake cry with me for some remorse, but it is not going to work on me, right now.( good thing she’s cute).

With all that being said.  Each day my kids are growing and changing. Like Whitney said, their extra-ness just changes. But one day, when they are older, I am going to miss it.

So today, and every day I choose to reflect on those moments, embrace them, and laugh.

And when laughing doesn’t solve the problem… there is always wine.

I’ve also realized while typing and reading this, that I may be a little extra myself.

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