Top 8 Reasons Fall ain’t gettin us Down

Top 8 Reasons Fall Ain’t getting us Down

Fall aint getting us down And you shouldn’t let it get you down either

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Oh my Gourd! We love Fall.

A lot of people dread the Fall season. Fall means the cold is coming which inevitably means the Holiday seasons are near. Also, it means a billion and one family gatherings.  🙂

Stop. Breathe. We are going to make it through!

There are so many reasons to love Fall. Even though its still in the 90’s here in Texas, it doesn’t stop us from stepping out with our tights and boots, cuddling a pumpkin spice latte.


Fall is just the beginning of the tights and boots season. We can now wear tights through at minimum January.

all the love

Mariah: Whoever decided to bring back leggings from the 90’s THANK YOU. I literally remember my mom making me put my tights on underneath my uniform dresses when I went to school. As long as you have a shirt/dress that covers your ass…. you’re good to pair everything with tights.  Tights are versatile. You can wear them to work out(or make people think you work out) OR just skip the “out” part and wear them to work.

Robin: You know what I love about leggings? They turn any dress of questionable length into a nice wholesome blouse. Any clothing item that can transform your outfit from the club to the church deserves all the love.

Whitney: Tights make you never question your body type either. Your bloated, tights. Your pregnant, tights. You don’t want to squeeze into pants and take a huge breath to button them, tights. Tights are the universal dream pants

2.  Boots.

There a boots for EVERY. SINGLE. OCCASION

Robin: It’s freezing cold outside? There’s a boot for that. Need to make a run to Target? There’s a boot for that. Feeling sad? There’s a boot for that! You express displeasure and your husband asks if its that time of the month? There’s a boot for that! (they’re called kick ass boots). I think you see where I’m going with this.

Mariah: What goes better with tights than boots? As soon as you hear Fall you think…BOOTS.  We have waited so patiently to finally wear our boots; my how we miss them during the rest of the year. This year I need to up my boot shoe game.

Look at these boots! Obsessed much??

3.Goodbye Boob Sweat.

Although we are ladies our girls still sweat.

Mariah: Did she just say that? Don’t act like you don’t sweat there. Living in Texas it is not only hell hot its is ridiculously humid. You sweat in every nook and cranny of your body. So being able to step outside without instantly bursting into an all over sweat is “throw your hand in the air and do a praise dance” good.  Unfortunately, even though the hot air is gone occasionally, doesn’t mean the humidity is.  My just cut and straightened, usually curly hair, instantly poofed when I went outside. Can’t win them all.

4.Optional shaving.

Robin: I think there is a great saying when it comes to shaving in the winter “Out of sight, Out of fucking mind” (okay maybe I added the “f” bomb in there myself). You think Suzanne is going to be looking at my cute new knee high boots from Target and thinking about whether or not there’s hair underneath!

Mariah: Tis the season of not  fully shaving our legs. Don’t act like you don’t know that this is a thing. The only time we have to shave our legs is if… one… for some reason we decide to not wear tights ( which would be mind blowing) or if we wear boots that don’t cover the bottom portion of the leg ( we understand that this happens). Actually, I can think of one more time we should probably shave our legs… husbands every where will thank us.

5.Pumpkin(take a look at Robin’s pumpkin VEGAN cupcakes)

love them a latter

Robin: Is it even really fall if every aspect of your life isn’t consumed with pumpkin something?! I think not!

Whitney: Pumpkins are the reason for the season just like turkeys at Thanksgiving and trees and lights at Christmas. The biggest difference is pumpkins coming out is incorporated in EVERYTHING. Pumpkins define fall and the color.

Mariah: Where do I even begin? Pumpkin coffee. There is Pumpkin candles. Pumpkin Cereal. Don’t forget Pumpkin Oreos.  Finally, Pumpkin Pie. And the list could go on. You know its fall when Starbucks rolls our their Pumpkin Spice Latte (even if its still 90ish degrees outside). All I need is for Starbucks to roll out the red carpet for the pumpkin spice latte, and I’m right there behind it. strutting it proudly. I love them a latte.


6.Family Activities

The Ones You Enjoy Most

Whitney: Pumpkin Patches y’all! This is a big deal in Texas and there are SO many that are pretty much free. You can go wear your kids out without spending hundreds and the weather is actually worth being out all day.

Mariah: Every year we find a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins for each of us and this year was no different. On the way home from a mall trip one day we saw a random pumpkin patch on the side of the road and stopped. Its so fun to see how our little family has grown over the years and to also see what pumpkins our kids pick. This year my daughter and I ended up with white pumpkins that are stinking cute, but I find a little irony in this.

7.Flannel, Freaking Love Flannel!

Whitney: Flannel is ah-mazing. It’s warm, soft, and can be worn in a variety of colors. IT also can be combined with tights and boots everyday guys.  Screw you ironing!!

8.Outside is bearable. 


Mariah: First of all, I am not an outside a girl.  I don’t know how to emphasize how much that I truly don’t enjoy the outdoors and what it involves.  Its either too hot or too fuckin cold. And Fall brings the perfect in between, JUST RIGHT. I  mean we only get to enjoy it for like a month total in Texas, but I’ll take it. With weather in the 70’s I can be outside, watching my kids play, without thinking ” Why the hell is it so hot out here?”

Whitney: Brunch on a Patio. Instead of Sunny Patios there is Bonfire Patios with a side of cool breeze. Nothing says “Hello Fall” more than sitting on a patio while its cool outside drinking coffee or mimosas. You can sit outside any time of day in the Fall; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You know what is great with dinner outside? A beer.. especially the Samuel Adams Harvest pumpkin beer.


fall aint getting us down 2




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  1. Oh my gourd I loved this post! lol It made me wanna watch some halloween movies and carve a pumpkin. Btw, this is my first time visiting your blog and I love it and the name!

    1. We actually live in Fort Worth Texas, soooo even though Texas cant make up its mind.. we choose to embrace the Fall and wear our boots with tights lol.

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