Kids have a lasting Impact

Kids have a lasting impact!

I have learned that every kid has a lasting impact on who I am.

Working in childcare has SO many perks. Here are just a few:

  • You establish lifelong friendships for your kids.
  • Meet amazing families that would literally take you in as family.
  • Every kid you interact with have an everlasting impact on you (even if some are stinks)

This week at work while reminiscing about children who have aged out, one in particular came to mind, Jasper. Jasper was eccentric.

Jasper had you guessing everyday if it was going to be a wonderful end of the rainbow pot of gold kind of day or drag you down the sewer red balloon kind of day.

But that’s what made him so remarkable. Crazy how one kid can do that??

The two stories I’m going  to share are probably the two of five moments as an adult I could not contain my laughter in a situation that I should have.

Story One: Kung Fu Panda

We are all familiar with Jack Black voicing the Panda who made it possible to believe that a lazy carb eating animal could do the impossible?

Well Jasper despised this movie, probably more than Ross hated Paolo (Please tell me you understand this reference).

Anywho, some of the other kids wanted to watch it and obviously we cannot deny this child that right because we live in America.

Jasper became so upset, the staff and myself knew what was going to happen, yes an explosion. Worst part about it was, he didn’t throw a tantrum and  he didn’t hit or scream.  He bent his knees and flips the kids on the couch off with both middle fingers while bouncing back and forth saying “you guys are all assholes!!”

I had to walk away for a moment.

I kept replaying it in my head, both middle fingers…yes…they were all assholes….sure. Did this seriously just happen?

I burst out into laughter.

After composing myself I then calmly explain to Jasper “friend etiquette” and what the better solution would have been.

Story Two: Die Hard Fan

Jasper obviously has a way with words.

It is the end of the day and we are closing up shop and I decide to take my remaining 4 kids down the hall so I could head home. I finish cleaning and say “alright guys lets head down to the kindergarten classroom.”

When all of the sudden I hear…

Well Yippie-ki-yay Motherfuckers…

Guess who said it… JASPER!

Immediately I crack up, then quickly compose myself.

I turn and say to Jasper, “excuse me? What was that?” He responds with “Oh.” What does he mean oh?

Does he mean oh you heard me, oh I cussed, what?

I say “we do not talk like that Jasper”, in which he replies while the other children’s eyes and ears are engaged “well it’s from a movie,” I respond “I totally understand but we cannot say that up here, alright buddy?”

Jasper puts his head down and mumbles…”ok”.

Ladies and gentleman you cannot make this stuff up!

Jasper is no longer of age to be at my job, but I sure do miss him.

Its kids like this, that may have those moments of chaos, are the ones that also have an everlasting impact on you too.

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  1. That is absolutely hilarious! Children can certainly leave an impression, as a teacher I can totally relate to this! You tell these stories beautifully, I am laughing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Faith!
      We are so glad that you found us and hope that you are laughing with us. If you want to laugh at us that is ok too. Hopefully you will be back to visit and stay in contact with us.

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