A Poem for Husbands

My Dear Husband….

You provide, you care

You frequently walk around in just underwear.

You mow the yard, clean up that mess

But then come inside and expect I do less.

You sleep in, I stay up late

If you could help out sometimes, well that would be great.

You think working and spending money on me is key,

But honestly all I want is to just BE.

I snarl, you snore, I clean, you sit, I wipe asses, you grab mine, it’s a vicious cycle, and no I’m not throwing a fit.

Help me out, clean a plate

Read a book, stay up late

You shower, I stink

I constantly feel like I’m managing a roller skating rink.

I love you more than you know, but all I’m asking for is to be left the hell alone.

Let me poop in peace, or bathe alone

Kiss me just because you can, and quit trying to grab my boobs man.

Our love is real, our love is true but if you ask me to sit on you one more time I’m coming unglued.

Hope this is relatable friends!!!


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