Painting Bathroom Vanity-DIY

Painting a Bathroom Vanity.

Painting Details by a DIYer!

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There are lots of things that I am good at in life.

I am good at sleeping, procrastinating, cussing,  and sarcasm. These are just a few of the many things that I pride myself in.

One of the best qualities I possess is I can “DIY” anything. You name it, I got ya covered.

Every time I see something in Hobby Lobby that is super cute, my first thought is ” I can make that.”

Actually, those words come right of my mouth, loud and proud, if we are being honest! AND we are.

Recently, my front/guest bathroom is frequently getting more use since my sister and lead singer are living with us. Since we rarely use the guest bathroom, I put minimal work and effort into it.

I threw up a navy striped shower curtain, and just kind of left it at that. I didn’t see the need of making something cute when we literally never use the guest bathroom.

Needless to say, the bathroom is plain and needs some update, so its more astatically pleasing. Everything in the bathroom is white. The cabinets are white, the counter top is white,  and the walls are white.

I think you get my point.

I’m just not a white person(I got kids ok). I’m more of a grey, black, and navy kind of girl.

My sister  kept trying to convince me to use her extra blue/navy paint to paint the cabinets in the bathroom.

“Mariah, it will be so cute if you paint the cabinets with that blue and then distress the cabinets.”

I was not taking on this task by myself so when she finally had a day off from work I was like “LETS DO IT”.

I documented everything for y’all so you can try it yourself! Really, I made Darah take pictures of everything with her fancy camera. 🙂

Items needed:

  • To begin, take the cabinet doors off of the vanity.

I told Darah that we should take all the shit out of the bottom of the cabinet, but she said it didn’t matter. Which I guess is true, just don’t judge my under cabinet; it is a hot mess

  • We labeled the cabinet door hardware as we took it off so we knew how to put it back together.
  • Tape off any parts you don’t want to have paint on it. Like where the vanity meets the wall and the floor.
  • Since I could tell that the previous owners had already painted this cabinet, we lightly sanded the cabinet and the doors.

  • Wipe down the cabinet and doors to make sure they are dust free.
  • Now the tricky part, adding the hardware. We drilled holes for the hardware before we painted because we didn’t want to mess anything up after painting.

My husband was not home, he plays baseball on the weekends. Darah and I measured and guessed at math for a while before we were like “FUCK IT” and started yelling for lead singer(Phillip).

“Phillip, we need your handiness”

The honest truth, I have no idea how he measured it and figured out how to make them even with one another.

I’m sorry. But thank goodness for Phillip.

  • Now we get to paint. YAY!!

Since out paint has primer in it, we just rolled it right one( I used the foam roller brush). I started with the cabinets first. The first coat looked rough. Anything I could not get with the foam roller I used the small foam brushes.

  • I tried to make the layers of paint as thin as possible so they would dry quickly and be even.  It took about three coats to get it the way I wanted it to.

(I have read about a cabinet paint that is made specifically for cabinets that does that, but I already had this paint.)

  • While the cabinets are drying, move onto the doors.

This was a little more difficult because of all the crevices.

  • Use the foam roller to do the flat parts of the doors, and the foam brushes to do the rest. This took 3 coats as well.

I felt like the doors were not as even as I liked them, but I am a perfectionist and my sister said they were fine. I trust her.

Also, we are staining the cabinets, so in reality it didn’t matter too much.

  • Let everything dry. WORST PART EVER.

Although I am a perfectionist I am also impatient. We started this project in the late afternoon and we were done by midnight. You probably should let the cabinets dry overnight.

  • After everything is done drying, its time to sand and stain.

We were using a dark stain that we already had; color was kona.

  • Distress the cabinet and the doors where you want the stain to be. The cabinets will be darker in these spots. Do as much or as little as you want.

We did a lot of sanding on the corners and along the edges. There we minimal spots we sanded on flat surfaces.

  • Wipe off dust from your distressing.
  • Stain. Put a little stain, wipe it on the cabinet, and then we immediately wiped it off; it did not sit long on there at all. DON’T forget to wear your gloves.

I put the stain on the cabinet/doors and Darah came right behind me and wiped it off. The longer the stain sits on the cabinet the darker it will be.

We basically just want it to have a vintage/oldish look, so we wipe it right off.

  • Now, let the stain dry.

Like before you probably should wait over night, we waited a few hours; maybe only two hours.

  • Apply polycrylic.

Use your foam brush and apply two thin layers onto the cabinets.

  • Let Dry! This time we did wait overnight before we did anything else to it.
  • The next morning add your hardware!

It makes a huge difference when you add hardware to your cabinet. It also makes it readily available for your toddler to get in to and mess shit up! Good thing she’s cute.

Admire your awesomeness!! You did it!

So far the cabinet is doing really well in the bathroom. Anytime that I paint something I always worry about how it will hold up.

It is a great alternative to buying a new vanity, until I have the fund to buy a new one. I may just leave this one cause it turned out super cute!

Now to just update my whole bathroom. Which means, more to come!

Did you try painting your cabinets? What are some of your best tips for painting cabinets? Let me know by leaving a comment.


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