My Heart Says Wine

Exercise to extra fries.

Loosing weight naturally

I once said in my 100lbs recently lost body that losing weight naturally was one of the hardest things I had ever gone through.

I was completely wrong! Losing weight then gaining 70% of it back only to attempt losing it again plus some is by far worse!

I’m sure there are those who wonder how it happens, how you go from exercise to extra fries.

Well I’m not sure about others but I have my own special little recipe.

1c. Divorce
1c. No time
1c. life
1/2c. French fries
1/2c. Added sugars
1/4c. Avoidance
1 tsp I’ll start tomorrow

Mix it all together and you have 2 years of hard work and dedication ruined!

That isn’t to say that I just completely broke up with the gym.

There were times when a pair of pants just wouldn’t button so my determination would kick back in for about a week then slowly fade off into the distance.

Yet nothing ever truly got me back to where I should be until recently.

I’m a poor girl living in a wealthy town and just my luck they have an amazing gym!

Well about 3 months ago I became aware of this news and ran right out to get a nice brand new and shiny membership. Then of course I set it to the side and allowed it to gather dust just as I had with my previous membership!

Well after 2 months of having $100 less I made a deal with myself! I was going to use it or lose it! I told myself it was no longer an option and being my healthiest is what was best not just for me but also my family.

Well there’s  the hustle part so of course you guys know the humor has to follow!

Well I have a friend who is also on her fitness journey but on a different path and asked if I would like to attend Camp Gladiator with her. I said yes knowing that group workouts weren’t ranked high on my list but that one of the best things you can do is change up your routine and try new things.

Friday morning I wake up at 4am!!

I put on my cute new gym shirt that says “My head says gym but my heart says wine!”, down my pre workout, and blast my gangster music the whole 15 minutes there.

I get out of  the car with my confidence at a level 10.

I walk up to where a really nice and seemingly non threatening lady greets and welcomes me, then she offers me a yoga mat. Then the next words out of her mouth are completely horrifying and soul shattering.

“Ok guys we’re going to begin our warm up! I want you guys to give me 10 crunches, 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups then a lap around the building”.

I look over at my friend and she is smiling you guys, like she didn’t just lure me to my death!

After the first lap, I inform this friend that my heart hurts and she responds with “that’s good, it means you’re alive”. So with what I’m sure is my dying breath,  I inform her  that it could also mean my heart is about to explode and that I’m thankful I wore my nice panties for when the EMT’s come to revive me back to life!

The 2nd lap I considered running straight to my car and burning off into the sunrise but I didn’t guys! I stayed and I died over and over again only to push through.

A hour later, as I crawled to my car. I did so with a smile on my face because I pushed myself mentally and physically to do something I assumed I no longer could.

Will I ever return to Camp Gladiator? Maybe. Will I continue my healthy life style? Yes!

Will my heart always say wine? Every single time!

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    1. Hey Amy! I’m so happy to hear that! I’ve had some rough rides and have fallen off that horse more times than I can count but I do my best to always jump back on.

  1. I can relate to this because I had started a journey to lose weight and get healthy and was doing really well. Then my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. The next 4 months I took care of him and didn’t take care of me gained all my weight back plus a lot more. Now I’m battling my own health issues and still gaining! It’s quite a battle but I plan to win it !!

  2. I usually add about a Cup of “I’ll start tomorrow”! Maybe I need to nix that ingredient! Haha… I loved your post! Very inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  3. I loved reading this! Your humor just shines through. I’m trying to lose it all naturally and at a healthy pace, so I relate to this all too well. Good luck continuing on your healthy lifestyle!

  4. I have a love affair with wine and french fries too! I’m glad you wore the nice panties for the EMTs 🙂 and are able to find the humor in every situation. I’m so excited to follow along on your journey! Good luck!

    1. Erin!
      Thanks for finding us and joining us in the humor. We all have a love relationship with wine… ok and the fries too.

  5. “with what I’m sure was my dying breath” hahahah this reminds me of myself so much, except without the whole having already lost 70 pounds thing. Good for you and your 4 am wake up call! I think the best I can do is jog mid-day or early evening, lol. I can’t do early morning!! I blame my little one for not yet sleeping through the night… but placing blame is just easier 😛

    1. I completely understand the blame game! I swear things didn’t get bad till my pantry started to fill up with kid friendly snacks. Nothing like coming face to face with all the empty fruit snack packages you’ve stuffed in your pockets throughout the day.

  6. I love this, very relate-able! Especially having a gym membership that costs me money for no reason. Group workouts aren’t my go-to either, but they definitely push you because you don’t want to be the one that gives up! Great job for continuing your healthy lifestyle and for not giving up wine. My heart says wine too!

    1. Good to know I’m not the only one! There’s been a few times where I’ve told myself that I could be using that money towards something more important, like Target or wine, but it’s a big part of me reaching my goal. Our hearts are in the right place!

  7. Loved reading about your journey and I absolutely laughed through it. I’m glad you were able to push through and feel better about yourself. I have definitely let fitness take a back burner and pretending I haven’t gained a lot of weight, but you have inspired me to get back with it. Although my heart, too, will always say wine.

    1. Hey Jill, Its so inspiring to share a part of my journey and get such positive feed back. I think a heart that chooses wine is a healthy one!

    1. Thank you mindy for the support and encouragement! I wise person once said “Don’t stop get it, get it!” and I fully plan to follow those wise words.

  8. Love this! Robin, you are speaking for so many of us! You have a lot going on and can laugh while you’re doing it. So many days we spend worrying and feeling down. Keep it up! Btw-I recently became a vegetarian and am trying to transition to vegan. Hope you incorporate your herbivore-ism(is that even a word?) into your posts.

    1. Thank you so much for the love and support! I definitely plan to start sharing a lot more about my herbivoreism (if not we just made it one!) life style.

  9. I am so terrible – we bought this very expensive gym membership and we were forced to stay enrolled for a whole year … I think we maybe went 13 times in that whole year ! Whoops.

    1. Natalie that has been my life! My fiancé called me out on it and we made a deal that if I didn’t use it I’d lose it.

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