There is Only One You!

There is only one you!

Be yourself! Be You! Be Confident!

Summer is Over! And body shaming should be over too.

While attending over 40 field trips this summer, and half of them being water ones, I have established a new criticism.

I wish I had more confidence.

Do I think I am an attractive woman? Yes.

But there are times where I do not feel good in my own skin.

Over the summer, I saw several woman that were flaunting it, and I was somewhat jealous.

They did not have perfect bodies, they were not scar free, they were not stretch mark free, and yet they were in two pieces strutting their stuff.

We have grown up in a society where this is NOT OK.

Kudos to these women who said society’s version of the perfect body can fuck off.

I personally cannot do this, and I am the first person to admit that I am extremely VAIN. My jealously was insane. I wish I could walk out in a two piece and feel comfortable in my own skin.

I wish my stretch marks and  tummy rolls did not affect my daily outfits.

and I wish society’s perception of a perfect woman would change.

All women are perfect.

I am here to tell you, show your confidence.

Wear what you want, eat what you want, drink what you want. If you want to work out like crazy and be fit, DO IT !

You want to eat like shit and never run unless in extreme danger, DO IT!

If you want to wear a two piece and rock whatever body type you have, DO IT.

I want my girls to grow up knowing any body type is perfect.

Also, I want my son to grow up loving who and what he finds attractive.

My girls know  because I tell them all the time, when you grow up and fall in love, that person needs to love you for you and nothing else.

My son will know he can love whoever the hell he wants as long as that person makes him happy.

SO once again, you do you girl.

I will work on my confidence. I will continue to strive and keep learning to love myself.

There is something I want to leave you all with, something for you all to think about…

I am a whopping 120 pounds, I am 5’4, I am a size 3 in jeans or bottoms, and wear a small in any shirt any day of the week.

I have what most would call a great body, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop assuming that all women who are tiny like hearing crude comments.

These comments include:

“oh whatever you are not fat you don’t understand, must be nice to eat whatever you want.”

“Shut up I am way bigger.”

Finally my personal least favorite, “sucks because you don’t have to work hard to get that skinny like me.”

Ladies, you are body shaming yourself!

Stop the negativity. Love yourself.

If you cannot at this moment, find a way to do it so my children and maybe your future children, especially girls, will understand how to as well. (Men, this goes for you too, love whoever the hell you want to.)

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