What is a 4 Year Olds Etiquette?

What is a 4 Year Olds Etiquette?

So we have all heard of my sweet Chandler by now?!?

Three times this week she has corrected me and actually made sense of it.

All three times she was being a complete shit.

“A complete shit is defined as a child who has no intentions of pulling their shit together in the moment.”

First, Chandler was acting up in the doctors office for her brother Austin’s appointment. Not only was she singing “This Girl Is On Fire” at the top if her lungs but spinning the doctors chair, opening cabinets, etc.

Obviously I’m tired of threatening her with her dad, so I say “I’m never taking you anywhere that’s not specified for you again.”

Without missing a beat Chandler says “Well, me and Bubba go to the same school so you have to take me somewhere specifically for him.”

I literally almost punched my CORRECT 4 year old…. she actually had a pretty good point.

Later on Mariah tells me that she was in the class with Chandler and her teacher was talking to her.

Chandler kicked a friend in the throat.

Chandler tries to explain to the teacher that she was simply stretching her legs and her foot stretched to her friend’s throat.

She blamed it on stretching her legs out…. IN THE THROAT PEOPLE!

Finally, Chandler hit her sister on the leg three times. I was not quite sure why at first.  Chan-Bam says :there was a fly but it got away.”

Sad part is, she shows me the damn fly that I thought was made up…

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